Clonnify is a web cloning tool that lets users clone any website you or your customers own, as well you can customize them any way you wish and you will have full control of your websites.

As far as you cloning your own websites, there are no copyright issues.
If we receive any complaint about a cloned website, we will check and remove it if we discover that it doens't belong to you.
So use this tools wisely and responsibly!

Almost any site you own. However, keep in mind that some sites may not work well.
When we say any website, we mean websites that don't include porn or any prohibited content.

If we discover that you are cloning websites with prohibited content we will delete them and will terminate your subscription without refund.

Yes, your cloned site will be terminated if the origin site is terminated.
We don't host any files on our servers.

Yes, your site will be updated if the original website is updated.
Only modified pages, media files and replaced texts will not change.

If you are a customer you can use the support system in your dashboard and create ticket.
If you are not customer and want to contact us for copyright issue use our email: [email protected]
If you are not customer and want to contact us for any other reason use our email: [email protected]